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Snoop, David Beckham And Darth Vader Sell Adidas (Video)



Adidas recently released their Star Wars collection--aka shoes that are perfect for walking around in your mom's basement with--and in a new ad for the product, David Beckham (who I guess plays soccer?), Darth Vader and Snoop Dogg all show up at a roof party. It's not clear what the three would talk about (maybe they'd try to touch penises because they're bored like is suggested in Funny People), but apparently for the right amount of ching, D-Becks, Snoop and Darth will pimp even ugly shoes with Rebel Alliance colors. I'm just surprised Snoop didn't work a Malice N Wonderland plug in there somewhere. [CelebBuzz]

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Snoop Dogg

Was that a footrace in there? That's something you don't see of much anymore -- kids racing for fun.

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Didn't notice that the Daft Punk robots are in this too at the end?

anony mouse

didn't catch the daft punk robots there at the end?

anony mouse

I think this is a great campaign all around. Combining all of the sneaker nerds with the Star Wars geeks is a match made in heaven. Not to mention all of the celebrities popping up and Daft Punk!

I work for the studio that created the sound design for the new promo for this campaign.

If you want to learn more about the campaign and see the full promo, you can check it out at the link below and please feel free to comment on our blog:

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