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Snoop and 50 Cent Co-Sign Soulja Boy in Moment of Label Solidarity (Videos)


For some reason (likely because Jimmy Iovine put his foot down), both 50 Cent and Snoop Doog came out and publicly accepted Soulja Boy this weekend, with both of them claiming that they respect the young rapper because he has a lot of hits. Neither of them (50's video is above, and Snoop's NSFW one is below) actually say they like the music, but that they respect Soulja Boy, which is probably the least enthusiastic way you can big-up someone you're trying to prop up for the sake of your label (Interscope). Snoop's video is the saddest, because he actually apologizes to Soulja Boy in person for hating on him. Remember when Snoop was perceived as an actual murderer? Neither does he. [Real Talk NY]


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50 cent never hated on soulja boy. he always showed him love.he gve him a tour bus about two months ago so wat are you talking about.

hip hop101

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