‘SNL’ Featuring Louis CK Will Air Saturday As Scheduled

    Hurricane Sandy has thrown a lot of people’s lives into disorder, particularly in New York. While everybody’s safety should be first and foremost, a lot of folks who are far removed from the situation have one thing on their minds: how will this affect TV shows that are shot in NYC?

    Well, the answer is different depending on the show in question. Both David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon taped despite not having audiences during the worst of the storm. However, entertainers like Louis CK cancelled some stand-up shows so that people wouldn’t be tempted to travel to venues when Sandy was threatening to strike. 

    However, one stalwart program has decided that the show must go on. According to Vulture, Saturday Night Live will air as scheduled this weekend. This is particularly good news, because the scheduled host is Louis CK himself. While a lot of people are speculating as to what sort of show SNL will be this week with someone unaccustomed to traditional acting in charge, it’s good to know that the people of New York will have an excellent comedian on a great show to take their minds off of flooding — assuming they have electricity by then. 

    Update: Watch the promo for this week’s SNL hosted by Louis CK below.