Snag Seven And A Half Hours Of Daphni’s DJ Skills

    Prolific electronica producer Daniel Snaith has been wearing the DJ hat hard these days. After DJing at clubs across the world, he just put out his first straight dance record under the Daphni alias. And to celebrate the album’s release, he did what any great DJ does with himself. He sponsored a dance party the length of your average workday.

    Rather than simply perform songs from Jiaolong, Snaith opted to DJ for 7.5 hours at London’s Bussey Building for the album’s release on Oct. 5. Armed with a pair of CDJ 2000s, an E&S DJR400 mixer and a Boss RE-20 Space Echo pedal, Daphni strung sounds together for longer than you slept last night. Luckily, the product of the evening wasn’t just reserved for those who were able to show up and stick it out. Snaith has released a recording of the entire set as a free download via two very large mp3s. For those who like their music to burn slow and long, the following set should keep you full for at least the rest of the night. Stream and download below. [Potholes in my Blog]