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Smoking Gun Releases Adam Lambert Complaints, Word "Fagatoni" Sure To Enter Public Consciousness


Back in November American Idol runner-up and open homosexual Adam Lambert performed a set at the American Music Awards that included simulated fellatio, a dude-on-dude kiss, some overt references to S&M and, worst of all, Lambert singing pretty terribly. C'mon, dude, you crushed that Gary Jules version of "Mad World," you can do better than that.


Well, the performance generated a load of complaints for ABC, the network that aired the AMAs, numbering over 5000. The Smoking Gun recently released 28 pages of the complaints about the singer's performance of his song "For Your Entertainment," including one that refers to the singer as "a total fagatoni," hilariously amending, "which I am totally okay with."


Sorry, sir/madam, but if you use the word "fagatoni," funny though it may be, you are not "totally okay with" that. You can head over to the Smoking Gun for some more thinly veiled bigotry. [The Daily Swarm]

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Adam Lambert

There's nothing good about that video.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Ok. But there's nothing good about the word 'fagatoni' either,but that doesn't seem to bother the FCC or the so-called 'moral' police. Apparently,as is evident on many hateful sites,you can spew all the hatred and inciteful crap all you want,but don't ever display sexuality in the name of entertainment!! Hypocrites


the only thing wrong with that performance was his voice! he has am amazing falsetto and that set did him no justice! Adam is amazing and I cant believe we are still talking about this! Well if it means more publicity then good......gosh cant people just focus on his amazing CD ...enough of these AMA's where everyone was phenomenal!!! America loosen your tie on your shirts and focus what's on the rest of our TV stations if you are so concerned with sexual content!!!


I know Smoking Gun stated that there were 5000 complaints----but all previous reports state that there were closer to 1500 complaints. So, check the facts/history. Also, the scary people, including the "educators", etc., that wrote in, well, they are so bigoted and narrow-minded that it is frightening. They scare me with their hate MUCH more than Adam's performance.


Adam is not only a great entertainer and talented performer who is wise beyond his years and a kind-hearted soul, but he is smart. What is good about that video (along with many other things Adam has done) is to bring to all of our attentions how many bigots there are in this country and how dangerous it is. I for one have been shocked by the ignorance and bigotry and hate that spews forth from so many of our so-called "American" citizens. It is UN-American to be so hateful, intolerant and bigoted. I am disgusted by those that TROLL sites spewing hate towards Adam, when he is a wonderful person and a wonderfully talented entertainer, honest, positive, a great role model. Adam, know that for every one "hater" there are MILLIONS of people around the world who ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Adam Addict

I thought inbreeding was against the law, but after reading some of those complaints apparently the practice is still thriving in some parts of the country.

Wicked Glitter


I hope this complaint will be investigated by people with common sense and logic so that the final conclusion will be: Adam Lambert DID NOTHING MORE COMPARED TO WHAT OTHER ARTISTS HAD PREVOIUSLY DONE.


Let’s focus on his many qualities, talent, music and what he did well during last year (so many things to think about). Adam is a role model for young people in many points of view.

OPEN ALL DOORS for Adam to do what he does best: to entertain us!

music lover 2

Please let's put the AMA's behind us. Everyone has an off night. Adam's cd is amazing. His live performances since then have been electrifying. Let's focus on that and move forward.


Did you notice that 95% of the complaints shown are from the bible belt?


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