Smoking Gun Releases Adam Lambert Complaints, Word “Fagatoni” Sure To Enter Public Consciousness


    Back in November American Idol runner-up and open homosexual Adam Lambert performed a set at the American Music Awards that included simulated fellatio, a dude-on-dude kiss, some overt references to S&M and, worst of all, Lambert singing pretty terribly. C’mon, dude, you crushed that Gary Jules version of “Mad World,” you can do better than that.


    Well, the performance generated a load of complaints for ABC, the network that aired the AMAs, numbering over 5000. The Smoking Gun recently released 28 pages of the complaints about the singer’s performance of his song “For Your Entertainment,” including one that refers to the singer as “a total fagatoni,” hilariously amending, “which I am totally okay with.”


    Sorry, sir/madam, but if you use the word “fagatoni,” funny though it may be, you are not “totally okay with” that. You can head over to the Smoking Gun for some more thinly veiled bigotry. [The Daily Swarm]