New version of Zeitgeist available from Best Buy; Billy Corgan’s integrity R.I.P, 2007

    You’ve got to hand it to the man. Billy Corgan is prolific. Really. Five albums in one year? Are you kidding me? Wait. It’s the same album.[more:]
    Zeitgeist is coming out. Again. For those of you who must (and I stress “must,” because you’re probably better off writing a check for the same amount and sending it to P.O. Box Your Toilet), the newest version of the album features bonus tracks “Death from Above,” “Stellar,” and “Ma Bell” and is part of a Best Buy exclusive. To make sure there is no confusion — because the aforementioned tracks already appeared on other versions that were already released — this Best Buy exclusive will also be accompanied by a (yawn) DVD documentary on the making of the album.
    This is the fifth “exclusive” release for the album. Let’s count: the regular edition, the iTunes version, the Target version, the first Best Buy album and now the second Best Buy album. I’m going to buy a new dictionary, because apparently its definition of “exclusive” is not up to date.