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Smashing Pumpkins Say Their Fans Hate Them on Chris Issak Show

Chris Isaak, he of "Wicked Game" fame, apparently has a new show about to start airing on Biography Channel (the first episode airs tonight), and it'll feature live performances and interviews with artists like Trisha Yearwood, Michael Buble, and a band you might care about, the Smashing Pumpkins. There's a teaser trailer for the episode here, and during it Billy talks down his fans:

Chris Isaak: "Your fans... They're not just fans, they're really intense."

Billy Corgan: "Yeah, they really don't like us, that's the funny part."
Jimmy Chamberlin: "I think they need something to hate and they found it in us."

Maybe we'll all have something to hate when the episode airs in April. [Stereogum]

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Smashing Pumpkins

Dear god, can they cry just a little more?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

On a classic episode of the Simpsons, Lisa envisions the downward spiral of her musical career after losing first chair to a rival. She sees herself in the #2 band in the world singing their #2 song "Born to Runner Up" at a packed venue. Then she imagines all the fans booing. She snaps out of it and says, "Why would they come to our concert to boo?"

Point is, NOBODY BUYS A TICKET TO A SHOW JUST TO BOO! Especially in a recession. Billy Corgan, in your every action, you give fans a reason to hate you. They love your music. And they hate your bad attitude. You play classic songs in double-time just to get them over with. You play unrecognizable versions of fan favorites becuz you're "sick of playing them the old way" (your words). You go off on vicious tirades while the band backs you up with kazoos. What's to like about that? I'd boo as well.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Blazes_Boylan/marilyn.reads.jpg Blazes_Boylan

Quick quick, someone find that clip of Asswipe Corgan slagging off the heckling fan at United Palace. That made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I never liked this band, and they keep giving me better reasons to stick to that.

Gabi Porter

I once saw the Pumpkins during their Machina tour and Corgan opened the show by saying to the crowd: "I hate you all. Buy our new album."
That about sums him up. I find it better ti just listen to the music play and ignore what the musicians have to say. More often than not-genius musicians are douchebags.


theyre my favorite band. and to find this out it kinda makes you sick.


ditto to that, id never heard about him being such a dbag, its like getting kicked in the face, only a bit more painful

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