Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha Returns With First Solo Album In 14 Years

    Hat-tip to the folk sat FACT who discovered that former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha is set to drop his first solo album in 14(!) years on March 14 via EMI. It’s called Look To The Sky and it will serve as the follow-up to 1998’s Let It Come Down, which dropped two years before Iha would leave the Pumpkins.

    As FACT points out, it’s not that dude hasn’t been keeping busy as he played with A Perfect Circle and was involved with various film scores. You can view the Look To The Sky track listing below.

    1. Make Believe
    2. Summer Days
    3. To Who Knows Where
    4. Till Next Tuesday
    5. Dream Tonight
    6. Dark Star
    7. Appetite
    8. Gemini
    9. Waves
    10. Speed of Love
    11. 4th of July
    12. A String of Words
    13. Diamond Eyes
    14. Stay Lost