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Small Black Announce Debut LP 'New Chain'

It's been about a year since the Summer of Chillwave, and inbetween then and now most of the acts that define/d that "movement" (Memory Tapes, Neon Indian, Washed Out) have released solid full-length albums. One glaring omission has been Small Black, whose major contribution to the field--last year's "Despicable Dogs"--still stands as one of the most heartbreaking songs in recent memory. This October, the Long Island band will finally release their debut LP, just in time to compliment that creeping late-fall feeling. New Chain is out 10/26 on Jagjaguwar. Track list below. [Pitchfork]


01 Camouflage

02 Search Party

03 Hydra

04 Photojournalist

05 Crisp 100s

06 Goons

07 Light Curse

08 New Chain

09 Panthers

10 Invisible Grid


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Small Black

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