Smackdown Averted: Wayne Coyne Apologizes to Arcade Fire

    Remember back in the halcyon days of March 2K9 when everyone lost their shit over Wayne Coyne giving Arcade Fire third degree burns by saying that Arcade Fire are “pricks, so fuck ’em?” And then Win Butler came back with his own burnsauce and straight crushed Wayne by calling him pompous? And then how we all fantasized about Wayne and Win wrestling in inflatable balls and having gun fights outside of Hot97?


    Well Coyne put a dash to those dreams in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, basically wussing out and saying he wished the incident “never happened.” Given that we all feel the same way about At War with the Mystics (huzzah!), I can sort of sympathize. Here’s Coyne’s full quote:

    “I didn’t necessarily mean it about the people in the Arcade Fire. I meant it about the guys that were running their stages at a couple of festivals. I wish whatever had been said wouldn’t have been taken as such a defiant statement from the Flaming Lips, because it wasn’t…I really feel bad about it. I like enough of their music. The idea that I’m somehow against them…I’m not!”

    Coyne’s “yeah, what I meant was that their crew were dicks” is suspect, since he called Arcade Fire pricks personally in his original statement. But whatevz, feud deaded. Coyne vs. Butler has ended as lamely as Pacquaio vs. Hatton. [Pitchfork]