Sly Stone Sued For Coachella Comments

    Here’s a warning for musicians thinking of talking shit onstage: You can totes be sued for that. At this year’s Coachella, Sly Stone spouted off about his dispute with former manager Jerry Goldstein:

    “F—- slander. The white boy’s name is Jerry Goldstein. He’s part of it. What he did was he stole so much money; at the same time, I made so much money that I didn’t know I was being stolen from.’’

    A judge ruled this week that that could be perceived as slander, as Goldstein’s case against Stone was given the go-ahead. The entire case is probably a response to Stone suing Goldstein back in January, a case that is still pending. Stone’s suit is for something like $20 million, but Goldstein’s figures to be much less. [Daily Swarm]