Sly Stone Living In Van In L.A. By Choice, Watch This Impossibly Sad Interview With TMZ

    Earlier this week, it was reported that Sly Stone was homeless living in a van in L.A., but it turns out that isn’t entirely true: Dude isn’t really homeless. He’s living in a van by choice, and he currently, apparently, rents a house still in L.A. 

    But things get weirder from there: There’s been a crush of gossip reporters and paparazzi trying to get at Sly since the story broke, and TMZ/Splash News Online scored the below impossibly sad interview where Sly is sprawled out in the back of the van talking about doing drugs and wanting to go to rehab, and hoping he can get some money from the Jackson family, who currently owns his catalog. There are rumors that this crush of publicity is related to a documentary coming out soon, and if it is, this is even sadder. Watch at your own peril: