Slum Village’s ‘Villa Manifesto’ To Be Their Last Album

    I began seeing tweets regarding the future of seminal Detroit hip-hop group Slum Village yesterday afternoon. Some people were unsure about whether or not Elzhi, who joined the group in 2002, had been kicked out along with if we’d actually ever hear Villa Manifesto. Well, the answers to both of those rumors essentially go hand-in-hand. Elzhi isn’t necessarily out of the group. But Slum Village itself, according to a tweet from founding member T3, is all done whenever Villa Manifesto drops. Per his Twitter feed:

    Oh yeah. One more thing…this is the last Slum Village Album

    To be completely fair, it’s surprising the group has stayed around this long considering the tragedy that has struck Slum Village. Aside from label changes and the typical industry bullshit, two of their founding members, J Dilla and Baatin, have died since the group formed in the ’90s. Both will appear posthumously on Villa Manifesto along with De La Soul, Colin Munroe, DJ Khalil, Little Brother, and several others.