Slum Village Reunite After Two Years Away, Announce New Album, ‘Fantastic, Volume 3’

    After reuniting and breaking up in 2010 around the release of Villa Manifesto, Slum Village have announced plans to reunite once again, according to an interview with HipHopDX. The remaining group members–T3, Illa J & Young RJ–have announced plans to continue on without Elzhi, who joined the group in the early aughts, and without founding members Baatin and Dilla, both of whom died prematurely. They’re promising a new album, Fantastic, Volume 3–the sequel to Fantastic Volume 2, their 2000 debut, and still best album–for later this year, along with some dates, possibly. Here’s an excerpt. Read the whole thing over here

    HipHopDX: After Villa Manifesto dropped in 2010, it looked like there wasn’t going to be any projects coming from Slum Village. What brought about the return of the group?

    T3: To be honest, for me, I really didn’t want to do it. Thing that made me want to do this Slum Village thing again was probably [J Dilla’s mother] Ms. Yancey and Illa J the legacy that [the group] is, and I kinda know this and I was really hesitant to do any Slum thing, but as of recently, I’ve kinda been soul-searching and I still…you know, Slum Village has been around a long time and we’ve had a lot of member changes, we had a lot of things going, and I kinda feel like it was just time for us to get together to do music. As of now, I’ve wrapped my brain around it and I’m ready to tackle that, and probably about the end of this year we’ll probably drop a record. At first, you know, Young [RJ] – he’s always been on the production side of Slum Village since Trinity, so we’re talking a lot of albums, and Illa has grown up with Slum Village from when he was a young lad, and even now in being in Slum Village, so I mean, it’s natural. There’s nothing about it that’s not natural, I feel like it’s just time for us to kinda do it.

    DX: Like you mentioned, Slum Village has gone through a few line-up changes due to riffs in the group or deaths of members. You guys have obviously been deeply involved Slum Village since the beginning, but how do you make sure to uphold the intact group’s initial spirit despite these changes?

    Illa J: It’s just like T3 said: it’s natural. [Young] RJ’s been around since the beginning, I’ve been around since things began, ’cause I know some people think I popped out of nowhere…nah, I’ve been [working] T3, he taught me the moves. It’s fam. I was watching a documentary on the Foo Fighters and…they asked [Dave Grohl, front man], “Why are you making music like you was making with Nirvana?” He was like, “”Cause, that’s the type of music I make. [Laughs] This is what we do,” so it’s like natural like that; we just go in the studio and do it. The chemistry is there, we’ve been rocking these shows and it’s just natural.