Slugabed Announces Debut Album, ‘Time Team,’ & Shares Daedelus Remix

    After releasing a pair of EPs through Ninja Tune and singles on other labels in the past year, London’s Slugabed will finally issue his full-length album on May 7. It’s called Time Team and it features 11 tracks from the sub-genre-jumping electronic artist, who wrote an impossibly awesome explanation of the album on the Ninja Tune website. He also provided the artwork and track listing, the latter of which reveals one of the best song titles in recent memory: “Unicorn Suplex.” Yes. View the track listing below and download the Daedelus remix here.

    1. New Worlds
    2. Sex
    3. All This Time
    4. Moonbeam Rider
    5. Travel Sweets
    6. Unicorn Suplex
    7. Dragon Drums
    8. Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
    9. Grandma Paints Nice
    10. Climbing A Tree
    11. Earth Claps