Slits To Release Final Song Ever In Honor Of Ari Up

    Following the death of Arianna Foster, aka Ari Up, lead singer of the hugely influential punk band the Slits, two former bandmates have announced plans to release the band’s very last song. Guitarist Viv Albertine tweeted that she, along with bassist Tessa Pollitt, will put out the song – on cassette and with customized art – in homage to the late lead singer. The whole undertaking sounds very, very cool:


    “Me and Tessa are going to release last ever Slits song “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” from 1981 on cassette. We will hand draw covers. A healing thing.”


    Albertine went on to laud Ari as a performer and person, painting a moving portrait that seems wholly in-line with her image, which is basically of being genuinely awesome:


    “Ari’s biggest gift to me was she made The Slits a safe place for a woman of any shape or size to be relaxed and free with her body. She celebrated womanliness, she reveled in it. She was so sensual on and offstage it was empowering to any girl who saw her. I’m not kidding. The way she carried herself was a revolution. Throughout the last 30 years there were many people who tried to suppress and squash Ari. No-one succeeded. She was reviled, mocked and criticized for daring to be herself. She could not and would not be tamed. It scared people. It scared men. She was stabbed and attacked in the street so many times. For just emanating too much WILD STUFF.”


    Albertine hasn’t yet announced when the song will be released. Ari Up died on October 20, 2010, after a long battle with cancer. [NME]