Slim Thug Discusses the Recession’s Effect on Rappers on Daily Show (Video)

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    Slim Thug was a guest on The Daily Show last night in a hilarious segment about how the recession has changed the rap game forever. I can’t really do much more here than to tell you to watch it, and give you a few choice lines:


    “There’s a lot less ballin’ since the recession came about”


    “There’s not as many video hos as there used to be”


    “That’s a cutback of like 60% of video hos”


    “Now the video hos might bring their kids”


    “I haven’t sold a single diamond-encrusted glock in like two years”


    “So many strippers expect you to make it rain. Now we go to the strip club to eat. Not necessarily to go get a dance or to make it rain.”


    “I don’t even look at the stage often”


    “Weed doesn’t count as health care”


    “When he drunk and mess up his words, I get them words”


    “Try to get me to throw my hands in the air”


    “He always bringing the fat girls in my section”


    [via Daily Swarm]