Slim The Mobster Says Lil Wayne Has A Spot On Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’

    If you’ve managed to endure the task of keeping updates on Dr. Dre’s Detox, then you’ll know that Slim the Mobster is about the closest thing to a liaison that we’re going to get when it comes to receiving updates outside of roaming rumors and chewed fat. 

    Being that’s the case, Slim dropped a piece of interest through Twitter that might revive hype for the project. I’ll let the tweet explain:

    “Just got off the phone with @drdre told me he gettin it in with lil wayne tonight….. #detox”

    Check your pipe-dreams for a minute before you make a decision on what you believe, because everything surrounding Detox properly deserves a dubious approach (it wasn’t long ago Dre said he was retiring). Sure, we’d all like to catch Weezy and Dre on a project, but then again, we’d all be fine with just getting the damn thing since, you know, it’s only been delayed for a decade. There’s no telling at this point, but rest-assured that when Detox does drop, be it now, or in the next millennia, there will be some major names tagged on.