Sledding Party Scheduled in Hell as First Finished Copies of Neil Young’s Archive Arrive

    Neil Young’s Archives has long been one of those white whale projects that fans never really expected to be finished. Whenever Young was asked about it, he was either directly dismissive, saying that it was an ongoing project, or said that he would only release the retrospective when the technology caught up to his vision for the project. Apparently Young was serious, and the technology that he was waiting for was the Sony PlayStation 3. The console’s Blu-Ray capability makes it the “player of choice” for the set, which includes copious notes, photographs, and short films to accompany the included songs. Also hinted at during the unveiling was a “video game” aspect, that would allow users to access hidden material. This might be fun for a while, but with a price point nearing three hundred dollars for the Blu-Ray edition (less for basic DVDs and CDs), there had better be a cheat code enclosed in every package. [L.A. Times]