Slayer vs. Christ, Round 2

    And this round is going down all the way over in India! After getting into trouble in Southern California, where people objected to the cover of Slayer’s Christ Allusion being prominently displayed on public benches, the band is now striking up similar ire halfway around the world. Christians in India (there are any?) flew into a tizzy over the album cover’s depiction of Jesus freshly sans arms and legs, and missing an eye. But Slayer didn’t stop pushing the envelope there; please, just pissing off one group of people these days wouldn’t even register on the scandal radar. Joseph Dias, general secretary of India’s Catholic Secular Forum, said the album, “Will affect the sensibilities of Muslims on the track ‘Jihad’ and secular Indians who have respect for all faiths.” So at this point, the list of people Slayer HASN’T angered in India would be a lot shorter than the list of who they have. Capitulating to pressure, Virgin India has pulled all copies of the album from store shelves.