Slacker Music Service launches

    via Engadget
    No, apparently there aren’t enough music services and players out there yet. A startup has launched a music service with recommendations that you can stream through your web browser. Boring, right? Kind of like Pandora or Last.FM? Well, These guys also promise a hardware player with a 4-inch screen in flash and hard drive varities (2, 4, 8 or 120GB) which can sync up music over Wi-Fi. It gets more interesting; when you’re out of wireless range (say, in your car), the player can attach to a satellite receiver to stream Slacker content from anywhere.
    It’s an interesting approach that gets away from the obnoxious a la carte pricing that cell providers try to cram down user’s throats. Slacker is available in web format at the moment for free with some playback restrictions. It doesn’t seem to be working too well right now … but then it just launched this morning, and it could be my evil Vista installation. A $7.50 monthly plan will launch soon which gets around ads and track skipping restrictions. No word on how much a plan will cost when the hardware gets involved, but if it’s priced competitively with the Rhapsody-to-go’s of the world, it could be a winner.