Skyzoo Announces New Mixtape: ‘Theo vs JJ: Dreams vs. Reality’

    Before Skyzoo lets us hear his proper sophomore album, A Dream Deferred, the gifted Brooklyn spitter is going to drop another free project. And it’s set to serve as a sequel to last year’s The Great Debater and as a prequel to A Dream Deferred. The best part, though? It’s name: Theo vs. JJ: Dreams vs. Reality. Check out his explanation of the mixtape’s title below:

    I’m actually dropping a mixtape before A Dream Deferred. It picks up where The Great Debater left off, and it sets up the album. It pretty much serves as the middle ground between The Great Debater and A Dream Deferred. No one knows this yet so you guys get the exclusive, the mixtape is called Theo vs JJ: Dreams vs. Reality. Theo from the Cosbys pretty much represents the dream, and JJ from Good Times is the reality of it.

    Awesome. You can read the rest of the article at The Well Versed. [2DBz]