‘Skyfall’ Will Have Bond’s Second-Longest Runtime

    Daniel Craig could go down in history as the James Bond who kept audiences in the theater longest. Or maybe the Bond who gave audiences the most for their money? Either way you spin it, Craig’s newest Bond film, Skyfall, which arrives in time for the iconic character’s fiftieth anniversary onscreen, is the second-longest film of the franchise, right behind Craig’s debut as 007, Casino Royale.

    According to NME, the film, which is number 23 in the series, boasts a 142-minute runtime, just two minutes shorter than Casino Royale. Still, that amount of time is probably nothing for die-hard Bond fanatics who’ve locked themselves in their homes marathoning their Bond DVDs before the new film’s Nov. 9 release date.

    The new film, the first of the series directed by acclaimed filmmaker Sam Mendes (American Beauty), is the third in the franchise for Daniel Craig, who recently said he’s already excited to start working on the next one – music to a Bond fan’s ears.

    Fans have recently been treated to a seemingly constant stream of pictures and clips from the new film, and Adele’s theme song for the new installment, which is also called “Skyfall,” was highly anticipated and much talked-about.