‘Skyfall’ Almost Included A Sean Connery Cameo

    When films series have been going on for decades, as the James Bond franchise has, it’s easy for pictures to become meta or self-referential tributes to their own history. Callbacks, flashbacks and cameos are all hallmarks of rich media properties, and 007 pictures are no different. 

    In what could have been a very interesting cinematic moment, filmmakers were considering asking Sean Connery to make a brief cameo in the upcoming Skyfall, according to Empire. According to director Sam Mendes, the original Bond would have appeared briefly onscreen as Bond’s parent’s groundskeeper. However, this idea apparently never went past any planning stages and unfortunately never came to fruition. 

    One idea that could bear a lot of fruit would be the idea of having every 007 appear in a single film. A long-running internet rumor is that ‘James Bond’ is simply a code name, and all the 007 movies are actually about the MI6 agents who have assumed that name throughout the years. It would be very interesting to see Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan show up in a movie with Daniel Craig — but time is running out, as some of them are getting pretty old.