Skrillex ‘Did Some Music’ For Kanye’s New Album, Responds to Deadmau5

    It seems Skrillex is taking the Bon Iver role on Kanye’s new album. In an interview with the Daily Beast, the dubstep producer hinted at a collaboration with Kanye, stating “I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album.”

    Of course, guest artists aren’t strangers on Kanye albums, and over the past few releases, he’s loved to include people outside the strict hip-hop/R&B framework. We’re not sure what a Skrillex/Kanye team-up would sound like, but we’ll find out in due time on the yet-to-be-detailed follow-up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

    In the same interview, Skrillex responded to Deadmau5’s accusation that he merely “presses play” on his computer during concerts. “The Ramones played fuckin’ four chords,” Skrillex said. “It’s about the emotion, the movement, the music you create. The ‘pushing buttons’ criticism is just missing the point. You could invalidate anything if you wanted to.” [Rolling Stone]