Size Matters: Mount Kimbie Talk New Record, Bigger Sound

    Dominic Maker and Kai Campos of Mount Kimbie signed to Warp earlier this summer following the release of their Carbonated EP in 2011, and after touring like mad they’ve been hard at work on their sophomore album.

    FACT caught up with the boys at the Ether Festival (which they’re headlining) to ask how the new album differs from 2010’s Crooks & Lovers. “The new stuff is a lot more free than the songs we’ve done before, in terms of composition,” Maker explains. “It’s still entirely produced on a computer, but the drums and percussion are much more live in their feel, in rhythm and in flow. In terms of the actual sound…it’s quite a bit bigger sounding that what we’ve done before. I think it’s still quite delicate material, but it has a bigger sound compared to the last album, and I think that must be informed really greatly by what we’ve spent the last two years doing – playing live.”

    It’s not as if anyone had been thinking “man I wish these intensely expansive Mount Kimbie releases sounded just a little bit bigger,” although the idea of live-influenced experimental rhythms sure does trigger an absurd amount of anticipation.

    “We came off tour and went straight into the studio,” Maker said. “At first you’re just getting back to what you do as a hobby, you know? Which is really great fun. Because the guitar is being used so much in the live show, that was a natural thing to have lying around when we were writing, and just hearing the stuff that we have written with the new record it’s clear that it really is influenced by live performance. It’s always there, in the back of your mind – you need to be quite aware of where these songs are going in terms of the flow of them, and I think we’re writing more verse-chorus style music, I guess we’ve become more knowledgeable in that sort of area.”

    Another big change—Mount Kimbie are recording in a studio rather than at home:  “It’s nice having a studio that we both can go to, and I think we worked together a lot more on this album…it feels more like a full team effort. And that’s given both of us a bit more confidence to really push what we can achieve, to make what we really want to make, really going out there. The results should be pretty interesting.”

    Interesting? What a demur understatement.Check out Crooks & Lovers below and click here for a list of upcoming shows.