Six Organs of Admittance, Om, Skullflower, A Storm of Light confirmed for Beyond the Pale

    The inaugural European edition of the Neurosis-curated Beyond the Pale event is shaping up to be quite the musical fandango. Ben Chasny’s psych-folk ensemble Six Organs of Admittance is now scheduled to play, as are the meditative doom/drone duo Om (with new drummer Emil Amos), shamanic noise outfit Skullflower and the cerebral doom band A Storm of Light (pictured), featuring Josh Graham of Battle of Mice and (formerly) Red Sparowes. This is in addition to previously reported performers Akimbo, Guapo, U.S. Christmas, the Young Gods and Neurosis.


    Some choice quotes from Neurosis members Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till about the new inclusions:


    "Om is the heaviest band to ever walk the face of the earth." 


    "Equal parts heavy and hypnotic, A Storm Of Light is a band grown from truth." 


    "(Skullflower) have been extremely influential on the way my brothers and I approach guitar-based heavy music: to grab an electric guitar, drive a loud amplifier to its physical limit, and ride the drone into oblivion is ecstasy."


    "Ben Chasny and his Six Organs of Admittance is a bright flower of inspiration to bring us all hope and remind us that as movements devolve, free spirits can rise above and remain vital among the pale imitators. 


    Beyond the Pale takes place next April 25th at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland.