‘Sinister’ Creeps Past ‘Taken 2’ At Friday’s Box Office

    If you’ve watched television at all in the past few weeks, odds are you’ve been sufficiently freaked out by the adverstisements for Sinister, the new horror movie starring Ethan Hawke. It looks like those creepy commercials worked, because audiences are heading out to theaters this weekend to catch the film.

    Zap2it reports that Sinister led Friday’s box office, making $7.4 million. That’s a close lead over Taken 2, last week’s box office champ, which made $7 million yesterday. Ben Affleck’s buzzed-about political drama Argo came in third, making $5.9 million.

    Sinister may have taken the lead for Friday’s audiences looking for a scare, but Liam Neeson’s action blockbuster is predicted to top the entire weekend’s box ofice. It’s projected to win $22.7 million. That would put its U.S. total at $90 million. Plus, the film has made $105 million worldwide.

    Audiences kept with the spooky theme for the fourth place film on Friday, Hotel Transylvania, which made $4.2 million. The animated movie is in its third week of release.

    Don’t expect Kevin James’ new movie, Here Comes the Boom, to be very successful this weekend. It made a modest $3.6 million yesterday, and it’s only expected to make $12 million for the weekend.