Sin Fang Designs Decks For Alien Workshop

    One of Iceland’s brightest talents, Sindri Már Sigfússon, who founded the Sufjan Stevens-flavored collective Seabear, has been venturing as a solo artist under the moniker of Sin Fang. During Iceland Airwaves last year, the skateboarding company known for futurism aesthetics, Alien Workshop, seeked a collaboration with the experimental musician/artist. The result is one of the most artsy and beautiful works to be under your feet. Each deck purchase includes a download of Sin Fang’s third LP, Flowers, released earlier this month via Morr Music. The mellifluous album exuding the limitless dreams of youth, is the perfect audio companion to feel the breeze. Alien Workshop also has an informative video interview with their collaborator, providing a glimpse into the life of one marvelous creative spirit.

    Watch the video interview and download a free track,”Young Boys”, from Flowers below: