Simon Cowell: The Beatles Would Have Been Reality TV Flops


    Simon Cowell has issued the following statement regarding the news of his statement about the Beatles and American Idol:


    “Regarding my comments on the Beatles, it was a joke. I have always said they were the group I have always wished I had signed. Also, to set the record straight it was recently reported that I turned down the Spice Girls. In fact, I offered the girls a recording contract before they were signed and actually offered to double the offer they had on the table.”


    Original Post:

    The reissues of the Beatles albums and Rock Band video game have once again made the Fab Four one of the most talked about bands on the planet. Naturally, some people just can’t resist offering a quote about the band, and reality TV show mainstay Simon Cowell is the latest to offer his thoughts on the Liverpudlians.


    Ever eager to play the provocateur, Cowell claims he would have rejected the Beatles if they had auditioned for his show, X Factor. “No, we would have said, ‘we’ll take those three but probably lose the drummer’. Ringo, I’m afraid, we would have said is ‘bad news’.”


    X Factor is the U.K. equivalent of American Idol, and allows Cowell to pour some predictable scorn on an array of budding talents. Ringo Starr will no doubt be amused to discover that he wouldn’t have made it to the show, especially as the Beatles remasters demonstrate what a powerful drummer he was at his peak. [Gigwise]