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Simian Mobile Disco To Serve Up 'Delicacies'

James Ford and Jas Shaw, aka Simian Mobile Disco, have apparently put out enough material over the course of the year to compile it into one package called Delicacies, a collection of techno singles that's being released as a two-disc set.


According to NME, the compilation, out on Nov. 29 in the U.K., is comprised of tracks that SMD previously released on 12-inch and which were named after exotic foods that the pair sampled during their recent world tour. The aptly named Delicacies is divided into an "Unmixed" disc that includes all the 12" singles while the second disc features a mixed session the pair recorded live in a studio. 


Delicacies track listing: 




01. Aspic 

02. Nerve Salad

03. Casu Marzu

04. Thousand Year Egg

05. Skin Cracker

06. Hákarl

07. Sweetbread

08. Ortolan

09. Fugu




01. Sweetbread

02. Hákarl

03. Nerve Salad

04. Casu Marzu

05. Skin Cracker

06. Aspic 

07. Thousand Year Egg Drumappella

08. Ortolan

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Simian Mobile Disco

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