Sigur Rós Should Have Soundtracked ‘Blade Runner’

    Today on “If Time Machine’s Were Real,” I propose that we use a time machine to transport Sigur Rós back to the early 80s and introduce them to Ridley Scott as the people who are going to score Blade Runner for him.

    Why? Because Philipp Acker (aka Schambess) took Sigur Rós’ “All Right,” off their 2008 album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, and created a tribute video to Blade Runner. The results are fantastic. The sparse, melancholy score highlights the pain and emotional complexity of the film and make it feel far more desolate. I’d love to see somone soundtrack the entire film with music from Sigur Rós. 

    Watch the video below, but be warned: There are spoilers if you haven’t seen the film.

    BLADE RUNNER – Tribute from FilmFreaks on Vimeo.

    via CoS