Sigur Rós Announces Release Date for ‘Kveikur’ and Music Video for “Brennisteinn”

    After over three year hiatus, Sigur Rós returned to the music scene with Valtari in 2012. The Icelandic art rock masters must have plenty of pent-up energy from those silent years. Today, the now trio announced the release date for their seventh studio album, Kveikur, for June 17/18 (UK/Worldwide), which you can pre order now. This news alone would agog any Sigur Rós fans, but the imageries for the new single, directed by Andrew Huang, “Brennisteinn” should have them spellbound. An archetypal music video for a band who devotes as much attention to their visuals as to their sound, “Brennisteinn” interweaves haze-filled stage performance with a mythical sci-fi saga, abstracting the circle of existence, recalling imageries from films such as Prometheus and Sunshine.   

    In the midst of North American tour, Sigur Rós has announced more dates that’ll keep them plenty busy and us excited through November.