Sigur Ros To Release New Album In Spring 2012

    In a recent feature on Sigur Ros’ upcoming live CD/DVD release, Inni, the Wall Street Journal dropped a pretty substantial note regarding the Icelandic band’s next move. Apparently they have been back in the studio working on a new full-length album that’s set to drop in spring 2012.

    Yeah, the follow-up to Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust is due out that soon. And according to the WSJ interview, the guys have moved into some different musical territory. They noted that it’s “introverted,” “floaty and minimal,” and “[a]n ambient album.” Can’t wait to hear it. Peep a snippet of the interview below. Inni drops Nov. 15.

    The band went straight to work at their studio, set in a space once occupied by a swimming pool. They weren’t satisfied with their initial sessions. “We were recycling,” Mr. Birgisson said. But the quartet soon found its new focus.

    The band’s next album is scheduled for release in the spring. Based on excerpts presented by Mr. Sveinsson, the new music promises to be as exceptional as the best of the band’s catalog. Mr. Hólm called it “introverted,” while Mr. Birgisson said it was “floaty and minimal.” “An ambient album” was how Mr. Dýrason described it, with “a slow takeoff toward something.” For a visitor who heard a preliminary recording in which Mr. Birgisson’s falsetto was surrounded by rich choral voices and what sounded like a pipe organ, the music was thrilling.