Sigur Ros’ Live Album/DVD, ‘INNI,’ Due Out In November

    We’ve seen the trailer and heard that it’s a “surprise film event,” but we didn’t know much else about Sigur Ros’ INNI before today. And it turns out that our original assumption that it was a live album/DVD was actually accurate. XL Recordings has revealed that INNI, which is due out in November, is a double live album and a 75-minute film.

    The video features footage of the band’s last show before they decided to go on “indefinite hiatus” in January 2010. It was shot during the course of two gigs at London’s Alexendra Palace and features Sigur Ros performing as a quartet. As we previously reported, Vincent Morisset served as the director.

    It’s still not clear when and if the film will make its way to U.S. theaters, but we do know it will make its debut Sept. 3 at the Venice Film Festival.