Shyne Calls Out Rick Ross Over ‘The Black Bar Mitzvah’ Mixtape, Past As Corrections Officer

    Rick Ross has a good portion of the hip-hop world in excitement for his new mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, which is just hours away from release. However, there’s one individual in particular who isn’t so hyped: Shyne.

    Indulging in a good old Twitter rant earlier today, the former Bad Boy rapper and Orthodox Jewish convert (who was incarcerated between 2001 and 2009) called out Rozay over his sudden glorification of his religion and made numerous references to his uncovered past as a corrections officer. “First they criticize me for being a Jew, now they’re favorite fake rapper is having a black bar mitzva? GTFOH,” he wrote.

    Shyne had been taking digs at the MMG boss on Twitter since Saturday, Oct. 6, posting links to his initial mixtape announcement and jeering, “my lil son, look at him, he wanna be like his father so much!

    You can read Shyne’s recent tweets below. The cause-of-the-controversy, The Black Bar Mitzvah, is due out at midnight tonight on Dat Piff.