Here comes the brand new Shures in your ear

    Your favorite deejays scratch with Shure cartridges, and your favorite artists record with Shure mikes. For the rest of us, Shure makes sound-isolating earphones. The new SE line uses passive isolation to block out noise, unlike active noise-canceling headphones that counteract outside noise with their own offsetting sounds.
    The SE line ranges from $149.99 to $449.99; they all use the same airtight seal to fit in your ear, but each comes with a different set of speakers. The high-end SE530 comes with two woofers and a tweeter, and playing everything from Chemical Brothers to Big Boi’s “The Way You Move” to Smashing Pumpkins on the floor iPod made me regret I had just bought a pair of V-Moda headphones, stylish though they may be. The Shure rep just nodded sadly, bemused that other headphones existed in the world and that people such as myself would buy them.