Shout Out Louds Release Limited Edition ‘Blue Ice’ 7 Inch – On Actual Ice

    In an attempt to make you shed your apprehensions about mixing electronics and water, Swedish indie band Shout Out Louds are about to release their newest 7 inch single on pure, solid ice. The tune within this frozen vessel is indeed called “Blue Ice,” so at least the gimmick is thematically consistent, but we’re still not quite sure what the band is playing at here. Merge will be distributing just 10 ice boxes to fans and press, each containing a record you have to freeze yourself. The release package includes an ice mold and a small bottle of water; to make the single, you’ll need to pour half the bottle into the mold (what are you supposed to do with the other half?), stick it in your freezer for six hours, peel off the backing, and then set it on your record player and pray it doesn’t melt and ruin your gear. My guess would be that the procedure works best if you live in a house that maintains a temperature below freezing.

    After all that trouble, you’re left with a recording that’s scratchier than a flea market 45, dispelling the commonly held myth that water is the highest fidelity recording format known to man. But if you’re curious what it sounds like to spin Swedish rock on good old H2O, watch the demo below. [P4K]