Shocking Story Of The Year: Things Are Not Running Smoothly At Flavor Flav’s Chicken

    So here’s something literally no one on earth could have predicted: Things aren’t exactly going smoothly at Flavor Flav’s Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, as workers are telling local news outlets that their paychecks from the restaurant have bounced, and they haven’t been compensated for work. 

    Workers at Flavor Flav’s Chicken in Clinton, Iowa, are claiming that the rap star’s paychecks are bouncing. Both Kelly Butler and Kim Kostka told Iowa’s WQAD television that the restaurant’s owner, Nick Cimino, owes them three weeks of pay after banks refused to accept their pay checks. “My check was only $150 and they couldn’t even cash it,” Butler told the station. Butler also said she was turned down at several banks before finally taking her case to Freedom bank, which holds the restaurant’s account. But even they wouldn’t accept the legendary hype man’s check. Instead, they gave her a letter saying the funds weren’t available, she told the station.

    Flav’s response is totally rational, as he claims workers are just jealous of him, so that’s why they’d be mad that their paychecks can’t be cashed. The guy that actually runs the restaurant is claiming that there were some accounting errors, but the people complaining about their checks got fired, so that’s why they’re mad. So basically everything is just fine at Flavor Flav’s Chicken. [NY Daily News]