Shigeto Dropping Mini-LP, ‘Lineage,’ In January

    After several years spent releasing singles and EPs, Zach Saginaw released his first full-length album under the guise of Shigeto last year with Full Circle. Since then, he outsourced that album’s music to a slew of producers to craft Full Circle Remixes this past February while working on his follow-up project. We’ll finally be hearing that release, Lineage, this coming Jan. 31 via Ghostly International. While it is indeed the follow-up to Full Circle, Lineage stands as a mini-LP. Maybe another full-length is in the works for 2012? We’ll see. You can view the track listing below and stream the title track here.

    1. Lineage (Prologue)
    2. Lineage
    3. Ann Arbor Parts 3 & 4
    4. Soaring
    5. A Child’s Mind
    6. Huron River Drive
    7. Field Day
    8. Please Stay