Shepard Fairey Of Obey Endorses Obama In New Essay

    Since the start of his career as an urban artist putting drawings on skateboards and t-shirts, Shepard Fairey’s designs have had an cultural nature to them. During the 2008 Presidential Election his iconic “HOPE” poster for Barack Obama thrust him into the national spotlight. 

    Now, as part of the 90 Days, 90 Reasons series of essays – an independent initiative unaffiliated with Barack Obama – Fairey has reaffirmed his support for the President with an essay of his own, titled “I’m Voting For Obama Because I Believe Progess Is Possible

    In the essay he says that he is not voting the President because he created the “Hope” poster, or because of hope, as “I can’t say that mine have been particularly filled.” He goes on to say that he believes “evolution is real and possible. I want to see this country move forward, not backward, and I know that four more years of Obama in office will have our country and our planet looking far more like the ones I want to see than a Romney presidency ever could.”

    It’s a short essay, accompanied by many more by the likes of Benjamin Gibbard, Russel Simmons, Judd Apatow, and more.