Shelved Iggy Pop Biopic Would Have Starred Elijah Wood, Iggy Wanted Lindsay Lohan

    Former Stooge, Detroit native, lover of “Candy” and Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop spoke to Australia’s Triple J radio recently about a Jim Jarmusch-directed Stooges documentary that is (unfortunately) currently on hold.


    Everyone’s favorite ring-bearing hobbit, Elijah Wood, was originally signed on to play Pop before the project was shelved. Pop, though usually pretty good at marketing himself as an insane old dude who can’t keep his shirt on, was reportedly unwilling to take part in the giant promotional marketing campaign that would most certainly preview the movie’s release.


    Though the Lord of the Rings trilogy proved Wood could play an addict as well as Jared Leto did in Requiem for a Dream, Iggy’s choice for a silver screen representation of himself is stranger still: Lindsay Lohan.


    “She looks like me, and she’s the only one with enough attitude too,” Pop told Triple J. “They could tape her boobs up or something. She’s been in jail at the right age and everything, so I though she could do it.”


    You know, he might have a point. Also, maybe Iggy and Steve Albini should just interview each other one of these days.


    [Twenty-Four Bit]