Shellac’s Todd Trainer on Animal Planet Show ‘Dogs 101’



    Ever wondered where Shellac got the name for their 2007 album Excellent Italian Greyhound? Wonder no more, as drummer Todd Trainer has appeared on an Animal Planet show named Dogs 101 to explain his devotion to Uffizi, the greyhound who provided the inspiration for the record.


    Trainer loves playing drums, but hearing him talk about Uffizi proves there’s a greater love in his life. “Uffizi and I are the absolute perfect couple,” he says. “I feel like we’re meant for each other.” The “aw!” factor doesn’t end there. “I was a very lonely, single gentleman,” he continues. “From the moment he and I became roommates, I have never experienced a lonely day as long as I’ve lived with Uffizi.”


    [via @plasmatron]