Shazam: Shaq Is The Subject Of Serengeti’s Alter-Ego’s Diss Track

    Chicago’s David Cohn is Serengeti, but he’s also a man named Kenny Dennis. If you don’t know, Dennis is a character Serengeti rapped as on his superb 2006 album, Dennehy. He’s white, in his late forties, drinks O’Douls, has a thick mustache, equally thick accent and is happily married to wife Jueles.

    Well, Serengeti has brought Kenny Dennis back, and this time around, he’s taking aim at none other than Kazaam actor Shaquille O’Neal. Why? Apparently, at a Jive Records gig in 1993, Shaq mocked Dennis’ mustache. Dennis–then KDz (or Killa Deacon), part of The Grimm Teachaz–has now come out of hiding with “Shazam,” the best diss record I’ve heard in a long minute.

    Is any of this making sense? Pay no mind. If you don’t find it brilliant, it’s at least funny; and if you do think this guy is a genius, then you’ll probably still think he’s funny. “Shazam” is off Serengeti’s forthcoming EP, Kenny Dennis, to be released March 20 via Anticon. Stream it and download below.