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Shane MacGowan and Pete Doherty: rock & roll pirates

Pogues mainman Shane MacGowan and enfant terrible emeritus Pete Doherty may have finally found their true pirates. For three July shows in Ireland and England, the debauched duo will be joining a host of other artists for performances of old pirate songs and sea chanteys, based on the 2006 all-star album Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys. Some of the participants admittedly seem to be more natural pirate material than others; it's difficult to imagine, for instance, the likes of Ed Harcourt, Martha Wainwright, or the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon surviving very long among the rough-and-tumble, cutlass-and-pegleg set. But in the case of notorious ne'er-do-wells MacGowan and Doherty (not to mention Lou Reed, and Joe Strummer collaborator Tymon Dogg), a little savagery on the open seas could be just what the doctor ordered. [Aversion]
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Ed Harcourt
Lou Reed
Martha Wainwright
Neil Hannon
Pete Doherty
Shane MacGowan
Tymon Dogg

I'll listen to some of that.

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