Shakira Sex Tape Reportedly Being Shopped By Disgruntled Former Employees

    International Colombian pop star Shakira is allegedly being blackmailed over a sex tape she made with current boyfriend and FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique.

    According to two of her former employees, they are in posession of the sex tape  and are currently shopping it around the highest bidder. The unidentified former employees are also a couple and supposed worked for Shakira for over 11 years. There asking price is reportedly over six figures.

    The couple also have an agent based in Barcelona who says the video “lasts about 15 minutes” and that it was recorded via mobile phone by an employee while in the cockpit of a boat.

    Shakira’s lawyers have not commented on the alleged existence of the sex tape but have commented on the couple’s accusation that they were wrongly dismissed from working for Shakira stating that such accusations were false. [Inquisitr]