Seth MacFarlane Stays Busy With New FOX Show

    Ten years ago it seemed like Seth MacFarlane’s career might not pan out. He had a mildly successful TV show you may have heard of (Family Guy), but it only lasted a few seasons before being cancelled. Things looked pretty dire. 

    Then, through the efforts of devoted fans and a push on the internet, the program was resurrected and continues to air every Sunday night. Not content to only have a single show on television, MacFarlane continued to create more programming, from The Cleveland Show to American Dad. He’s even working on an updated version of Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 

    After the smash success of his film Ted, which stars Mark Wahlberg and has grossed over $400 million, it seems as if nothing can stop MacFarlane. He’s in talks with FOX to produce yet another show, according to It will reportedly be a collaboration with Ted co-writers Wellesly Wild and Alex Sulkin and is going to depict two men in their 30s who both end up having their fathers move back in with them. No word yet on what the title will be.