Seriously Louisiana? Hurricane Chris Performs “Halle Berry” at Louisiana State Legislature


    Look, I know running a state is hard. You have to worry about roads, poverty, football teams, schools and naming streets and malls (I have a PhD in state running). But I’m damned if I can figure out a reasonable explanation for the video above, which finds Hurricane Chris performing his so bad it’s terrible single “Halle Berry” at the Lousiana State Legislature DURING A REAL LEGISLATIVE SESSION. What are they trying to regulate? Ringtone rappers? Do they want to know more about how young people are dancing like assholes on YouTube to “Halle Berry?” Did they do this solely to end up on the Daily Show


    But it also brings up further questions like, Who asked Hurricane Chris to appear? Was he summoned or given a subpoena? Did he really have to explain the song? Who doesn’t understand what the song is about? Did he perform other hit jams like “A Bay Bay?” Who’s that woman who looks so proud for being Hurricane Chris’ escort? Does she have no shame? And is Hurricane Chris four feet tall, or is that podium six foot four? Can that podium play center for the Hornets? My mind has officially been destroyed via exploding.