Serge Gainsbourg Film


    Happy Bastille Day! What better way to mark France’s prison riot holiday than with a film about the nation’s consummate hedonist (or at least the one who had the 20th Century on lock). NME has a contest to see Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) for free in London–it started yesterday “BST,” so jump on it, assuming tickets are still left.

    Nevertheless, a good reminder to look for trailers and, lo and behold, we have a couple. The trailer above is the “family-friendly” version that would make you think that all this guy was known for was smoking, voguing and hanging out on the beach. All of which was true because it’s in a Universal biopic. But if you’d like to see the expected NSFW version that highlights the other “aspects” of his career, the classy folks at DailyMotion have got you covered. And, of course, it’s the one in French.

    As previously reported, the film is helmed by first-time director Joann Sfar, best known for his graphic novels, and Eric Elmosnino stars in the lead role. The biopic covers the whole kit and kaboodle, from Gainsbourg’s childhood growing up in 1940s, Nazi-occupied Paris to his successful years to his death in 1991. The film also features Lucy Gordon as Jane Birkin and model Laetitia Casta as Brigitte Bardot. On a more serious note, Gordon committed suicide a little over a year ago before the film was released.

    The film opened in France in January and is set to open in the UK on September 30, 2010.