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Serge Gainsbourg biopic in the works

Music's most spectacularly sleazy Frenchman, Serge Gainsbourg, will soon be getting the cinematic treatment he's long deserved. A biopic based on the life of the late singer/songwriter/national anti-hero, Serge Gainsbourg (Vie Heroique), is set to begin filming in January. Universal Pictures' first French-language venture, the flick will be helmed by first-time director Joann Sfar, best known for his graphic novels. Eric Elmosnino (no, we've never heard of him either, it's a French thing) will play the lead role, and while portraying the Gallic Leonard Cohen may be a task that's well within his grasp, we can't help being seized by a sudden, irrational curiosity about how busy Mickey Rourke is at the moment. You can rest assured, however, that a stunning set of sirens will be on hand to play the long line of beauties that wandered through Gainsbourg's life (for one, supermodel Laetitia Casta has signed on as Brigitte Bardot).


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Serge Gainsbourg

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